About Us

Ovenmaster® - transforming dirty cooker and ovens

Ovenmaster Shropshire is a family run business that we established when we identified a gap in the oven cleaning market in Shropshire.  Ovenmaster has cleaned thousands of ovens and cookers across Shropshire since it was established, and its services are always in demand.

We specialise in domestic oven cleaning.  The Ovenmaster Shropshire system cleans ovens, free standing cookers, traditional stoves, cookers, ranges, Agas and all types of hobs, extractor hoods and microwaves to an exceptionally high standard.

Our business is often featured in local publications. 

Ian helped to establish the Wem Town Youth Under 11s football team and equip them for success by sponsoring their kit.  Ian's view is that the proper equipment and kit is essential for doing anything well.  He applies this both to the football and to Ovenmaster.  The team had an amazing season and won their league's trophy.

We always aim to leave customers amazed - ensuring that they will return to us again and recommend us to their family and friends.

Our custom comes from business such as property buyers and sellers, the rental market, letting agents and landlords.

We clean ovens for all sorts of people throughout Shropshire - for example elderly people, mothers with young children, busy professional people, people who are selling their home, people who have just moved into a new home, people who rent their home, air-force march-outs and army moves.   Oven cleaning is one of the most unpopular household jobs.  Dirty ovens can look and smell unpleasant.  Little wonder that people of all ages and from all walks of life call us.  

All our customers recognize the benefit of calling in a professionally trained, insured and appropriately equipped person to undertake this household cleaning job.  Not only do their ovens sparkle, but customers often find we solve the problem of smoking cookers and ovens, often caused by the build-up of grease and fat.

What Ovenmaster Shropshire customers say:

"You certainly live up to your proud boast"

"Definitely worth the phone call"

"I really was amazed - my oven's like new.  Its fantastic"

"I'll never clean my oven myself again!"

"Well worth the money, thanks"

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