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Why choose oven cleaning?

  • An oven cleaning business can be run from home or from a small unit, and is ideal for full-time or part-time working. The business also allows flexibility in working hours.

What are the rewards?

  • We’ll pull no punches! What you can earn will depend on your effort, ambition, circumstances and commitment.  With the training and support that we provide, you will be well equipped to run a successful oven cleaning business.    We will talk to you about the levels of income that are potentially achievable if you contact us about the business opportunity.  You will also see this first-hand when you train on-the-job with us.

Not a franchise - why?

  • Why give someone else the benefit of your hard work?  We weren't convinced by benefits of “branding” and becoming part of the “family” - we created our own image, developed our own reputation and reap the rewards for doing so.   A  franchise agreement would commit you to a regular contribution from your profits to the franchisor and possibly an ongoing management fee.  Do you want to pay someone else a percentage of your work?

Why choose Ovenmaster Shropshire?

  • We have practical experience of the equipment and products and have developed a successful oven cleaning business.   Yes, we do this ourselves successfully—but are prepared to pass on the secrets of our success to others in other areas.   We will help you set up YOUR OWN business—and for a fraction of the cost that many franchisors require.   If we can do it why shouldn't you be able to with our help and advice?

Don't others offer the same?

  • Similar—we believe we offer excellent value for money and distinction in the overall package that we are offering you.  We don’t skimp on the quality of tools, equipment or cleaning agents that we provide to enable you to do the job.  We provide a quality information guide with a range of reference information—not only about doing the job, but about other aspects of setting up your business.  In addition, we direct you to other sources of reference information and useful contact points in case you need it.  We provide support and advice before you train and afterwards - and its not time limited.  Look at our information, our brochures and our website.  Talk to us and compare us to others for evidence of our quality and our genuine wish to help others to succeed in setting up their own business.

What else sets Ovenmaster Shropshire apart ?

  • We aim to offer you the option, where possible, to train on our appliances or to accompany us to a real customer environment—or both.  We believe that experience in the real world with our support and training is invaluable for setting you on the road to success with confidence.
  • We are happy to provide you with advice and practical help in advance of coming to Shropshire to train with us.  We recognise that the sooner you are equipped to set up your business and market your services, the sooner you will be able to put into practice your training and prepare your business plan or start working.

What support do you offer ?

  • Since we are a small, family, independent business we can be flexible in the support that we provide.  Through our experience we know that people's needs differ.   Not only do we provide you with an informative training guide and ongoing post-training telephone support—but we can also support you in other ways.  We can direct you to competitive sign-writers for your van, outlets who will provide your customized work wear and most importantly advise on the “look and feel “of your business. We can provide artwork for adverts, flyers, business cards, etc. in an electronic format ready to take to printers.
  • If we can help you, we will!  If you encounter something, you can rest assured that we will probably have encountered it already and will be able to help.
  • What we can't do, of course, is provide your commitment or ambition for you or do the job for you since we have plenty of ovens to clean ourselves!

Why is our training shorter ?

  • Our own practical experience has enabled us to focus on what you need to know.  We don’t “pad” our training to waste your valuable time or justify our charges.  Supported hands on experience is a great way to gain confidence  and the skills you'll need to be successful.  Its up to you how you run your business - we'll support and advise but its not necessary for us to invest time to ensure that you "do things our way".  We'll tell you what you need to know - we won't swamp you with too much information, but with our help you'll be equipped to do the job and to gain further knowledge and experience whilst you work.

How would you sum up your approach ? 

  • We want you to succeed - we're still enthusiastic about Ovenmaster and relish the challenge of passing on our experience and success to others.  Ovenmaster Shropshire is evidence that a well run oven cleaning business can be profitable and successful and enjoyable.
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