FAQ Cleaning

How long would it take to clean my cooker?

  • As a general guide, it usually takes a couple of hours to clean a cooker.  A large appliance, such as a range or aga is likely to take around three hours.  The time it takes to clean will also depend on how dirty your oven is.

What does your cost include?

  • We have set prices and our costs are fully inclusive. There won't be any hidden extras such as travelling costs or VAT.   Our charges are NOT linked to how dirty your oven is or how long it takes us to clean it.

How do you clean the ovens?

  • All removable fittings such as stainless steel racks and rings are taken out of the oven or cooker or off of the hob and soaked in our van-based tank.  Whilst these are soaking, the remainder of the oven or cooker is cleaned by hand using low odour, water based cleaning products.  Grease and burnt-on carbon is removed from interior surfaces.  Once they are clean the removable items are returned to the oven.  The exterior is degreased, cleaned and left shining.

Is it worth the money?

  • The results we can achieve depend on the condition of your oven, of course, but we are confident that you will be amazed and delighted by the results.  We are always honest with you before we start to  clean your oven, cooker or extractor hood.   If we have any doubts that we will be able to produce excellent results we will discuss this with you beforehand and explain why.

How are your prices calculated?

  • You are paying for our time, expertise and of course the cleaning products and equipment that we use.  Remember, the job is done by hand and is likely to take several hours.

Do you replace extractor hood filters?

  • Yes, we can do this for you whilst we are cleaning the extrator hood

Do you replace oven or extractor hood bulbs?

  • Yes, we carry a range of oven and extractor bulbs in our van.  We'll have a look for you when we clean the oven.

Do you repair appliances?

  • No we don't, but for simple repairs we will try to source replacement parts from our suppliers or we can often give you details of local companies who carry out repair work.
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