Are you interested in running your own oven cleaning business?

Have you ever wondered how you could change your life.  Perhaps you want to leave behind stressful, long hours or a dead-end existence to do a job that is not demanding, yet provides you with a decent standard of living?   Perhaps you're looking for a change of direction or a better life-work balance to fit to your personal commitments. Have you always wished you could work for yourself?

I wanted all these things and so I established Ovenmaster Shropshire.  Now I equip others to do the same. 

Have a look at the benefits!

  • Do you like the idea of working for yourself?
  • Would you like to benefit from your work, rather than others enjoying the benefits?
  • Would you like to run a flexible business where you choose the options that suit you best?
  • Would you like to have more flexibility in your working hours, perhaps work part-time, semi-retire, work around existing commitments or personal circumstances?
  • Would you like your earnings to depend on your commitment, effort and ambition?

Definitely NOT a Franchise:

Ovenmaster Shropshire will help you to set up YOUR OWN business - and for a fraction of the cost that many franchisors require.  Why give someone else the benefit of your hardwork?  Don't be convinced by benefits of branding and becoming part of the "family".

Yes, our package is royalty free.

Why Choose Us:

We have practical day-to-day experience of "doing the job", the equipment and cleaning products.  We run a successful busy oven cleaning business in Shropshire.  Yes, we've done it ourselves successfully - and still do - but want to pass on our success to others in other areas.

Our practical experience has enabled us to pinpoint what you need to know.  But everyone is different ad we make sure that we tailor your training to what you need to know.

Call us for further information and to ask for an information pack.  We're happy for you to compare our package with others - both franchise and business opportunities - in fact we recommend some key questions that you ask us others when looking at oven cleaning opportunities.

Getting you Started:

Full training is provided to enable you to be running your business as soon as you are trained.  Hands on experience is provided on a one-to-one basis. 

You'll visit us for an overnight stay and a full day's training in Shropshire.  You'll take away our information pack - providing a range of reference material about doing the job and other aspects of setting up your business.  We give practical support before, during and after your training.  Once you have completed your training, we offer telephone support whilst you gain confidence.  We don't put a time limit on this support.  As time goes by there may be occasions when you need to refer back to us - and you'll probably call us from time to time just to tell us how you're enjoying the job.  We also support you by supplying further cleaning products and replacement tools at competitive prices as you need them.

We provide you with exactly the same equipment and products that we use every day.  We don't skimp on the quality of tools, equipment or cleaning products that we provide.  You'll be provided with a specially designed tank and all the equipment you need to do the job.  We'll also provide you with sufficient cleaning products for around a month (based on average usage).

We know that some people are keen to think about how they will market their new business in advance of training with us.  In fact we recommend that you start to look at options and costs for advertising and marketing as early as possible if you intend to start trading immediately after your training.  Once you booked your training day with us, we will talk to you about marketing and provide you with samples of a variety of avderts and flyers.   We can also prepare artwork for you.

We also provide advice to you about other important aspects of setting up your business at that stage.

Further Information:

We'll be happy to talk to you about Ovenmaster Shropshire and answer any questions you have about our Business Opportunity.

We understand that embarking upon a new business venture is an important and difficult decision and information can be confusing.  Once you had made the decision that an oven cleaning business is right for you, before you make a commitment to the Ovenmaster Shropshire business opportunity, why not speak to others who have chosen our package.  After you have spoken to us, we'll be happy to put you in touch with someone independent you can talk to who has undertaken our training.

Make the call that could be the key to a life-change-NOW - 01952 210067.  Start planning a successful future.  Call Ovenmaster Shropshire for further information or to request our information pack.  Alternatively, e-mail us at  Ian@TheOvenMaster.co.uk for further information.  To help us to respond to your request for information, please include your name, a contact address, and a contact phone number, if possible.

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